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? Book Share: Brave As Can Be: A Book of Courage | Jo Witek ? (Affiliate Link, see below)

The cover of this book captured my attention from the start. With each page, my curiosity grew. This story was nothing like what I expected it to be, judging it from the cover. It was full of many pleasant surprises. Witek weaves a literary journey through the perspective of a lovable little girl, who describes different scenarios she used to be afraid of. This book is tactile and interesting. I can’t say enough about it – a must read.


“The life of a toddler can be full of frightening things: the dark, the neighbor’s dog, and thunderstorms, just to name a few. As children get older, they begin to feel braver around these everyday events, but how do they build this newfound confidence? In this lyrical, insightful picture book, an older sister explains to her younger sister all the things she used to be afraid of, along with some tricks to help, whether it’s a special blanket for bedtime or singing during a storm. Now, big sister assures little sister, the fears that once felt as big as a mountain feel as minuscule as a speck of dust.
This playful portrait of fear and bravery empowers young readers to confront once-scary situations and, with charming illustrations and die-cuts throughout, is also beautifully packaged.”

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