Why Disciplining Toddlers Doesn’t Have to be Negative

My toddlers know exactly how to push my buttons. In fact, it feels as if my babies came out of the womb knowing how to test the limits of their parents. It’s easy to fall into the trap of saying “No” or correcting them all day long. Or feeling frustrated from losing your cool when reacting to their outbursts. But there is another way. Disciplining toddlers doesn’t have to be as negative, I promise.

disciplining toddlers

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Why Disciplining Toddlers Doesn’t Have to Negative

I was determined to find ways to be positive with my little ones when it came to child discipline, as I knew from being a former teacher the power that this holds. As I gathered strategies like the three secrets to calming big emotions, I knew I was onto something special. I also implemented a positive behavior plan, like the one I shared for teaching children 10 ways to be kind.

It’s possible to be positive, loving, and respectful while teaching your toddler boundaries. Click To Tweet

In fact, I listened to what parents said they need as they responded to the free email challenge for taming toddler tantrums that I offer. I included those things within a book I wrote called, Disciplining Toddlers: How to Handle Challenging Behavior. The basis of this book is to help parents explore simple ways redirect your child with positive parenting tools.

This book is packed with practical tools and strategies for disciplining your toddler. You will learn exactly how to handle challenging behaviors. Inside the book, we focus specifically on how to:

  • De-escalate out of control emotions
  • Reinforce positive behavior
  • Create a custom positive reinforcement plan for your child
  • Say “Yes” to your child and still get your desired outcome

Plus, there are two free assessment worksheets included to help you on your journey.

It’s possible to be positive, loving, and respectful while teaching your toddler boundaries. I want to help you will discover how to create a plan to become your child’s biggest cheerleader. For less than the cost of a Grande Caffe Latte, you can snag a copy today.

Disciplining Toddlers

Hear what other mamas are saying…

“If you are a parent of a toddler I can guarantee there is something in this book for you! I am going to use the free charts that come with the book to give Logan some really good positive reinforcement, not bribes, which we learn the difference in the book. “

Morgan Williams (Full review here)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read!
on July 19, 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“I am currently struggling with my 2.5 year olds tantrums & behavior issues. I love that this book gave so many great tips as well as offered worksheets for me to think over with my spouse, talk about, and make a plan of action. I also loved that it gave some free charts to help implement good behavior & eliminate these terrible 2 tantrums!”
on July 28, 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“This book gives you great strategies that are easy to implement. The trick is you being consistent but after applying some of these ideas I have noticed a change in our 3 year olds behavior!”
5.0 out of 5 stars Very useful
on September 4, 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“I thoroughly enjoyed this! I have a very difficult 2 year old, who is opinionated and strong willed, but can’t quit get his feelings out. And reading this book really made me understand him more, and methods that’s can help him out as well. She emphasizes on rewarding and acknowledging positive behavior! I can’t wait to apply all these methods to my son.”
on September 1, 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

“This book is a great refresher read for disciplining your young toddler. It goes over many simple steps to help navigate problematic behavior. It’s a very quick read. I didn’t learn anything really new, but it’s a great way to bring these ideas to the forefront of your mind since in the middle of a toddler tantrum it’s easy to overreact and forget the “correct” way of positive discipline.

I took off a star because I do think this book is geared closer to the younger toddler crowd, think 18 -24 months. Many of these helpful guides and tips no longer really apply to my early 3 year old.

Overall, it’s a well written, clear and concise book.”

What is your greatest challenge you are working on with your child?


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