5 Ways Healthy Meal Plans Make Life Easier for Moms

healthy meal plans

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It was 5:10 pm and I was already late for starting to cook dinner. My one-year-old was sticking to me like a suction cup because that’s just what my kids do when it’s time for me to cook. I grabbed my dinner recipe and rushed around the kitchen throwing all of the ingredients I needed on the counter while balancing my son on my hip. “Mommy can I have a snack?” my oldest toddler asked. The chaos of dinnertime had only just begun. Feeding my family healthy meals is important to me, but the time it takes to do so can feel overwhelming.  That’s why I love using healthy meal plans. I have discovered five ways healthy meal plans make life easier for moms.

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Using a healthy meal plan service for my children, like Nurture Life, helps to eliminate the craziness around dinner time. Nurture Life meals are easy to quickly warm up, so I can let my kids begin eating in their high chair, while I finish cooking. This is an especially great option for nights I am cooking meals that I know my children won’t eat so that I don’t have to prepare two separate meals for the adults and my children.

healthy meal plans

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Five Ways Healthy Meal Plans Make Life Easier for Moms

1. Time

On days that I know I will be busy (which is practically every day), using healthy meal plans help me save time that I would normally spend planning, shopping, and cooking. With this extra time, I can do more things I want to do like spending time with my kids, taking a moment to do something I enjoy (self-care), or getting other daily tasks done like cleaning.

2. Convenience

It is incredibly convenient to have fresh, healthy meals arrive at my door that are simply ready for me to heat up at any moment. I like to keep a few in my refrigerator and save a few in my freezer. That way no matter what time of day or situation arises I know I have a wholesome meal ready to go to for my kids. The other convenience of using healthy meal plans is that it cuts down or eliminates the clean up from cooking.

3. Wholesome Food

I want my family to be healthy and strong which is why I value feeding them wholesome, balanced meals. Using a healthy meal plan subscription like Nurture Life reduces the stress of making three meals a day by providing fresh, organic, and ready-to-eat meals for my baby and toddler.

healthy meal plans

Photo by Nat Daniels

4. Less Work

As moms, we are constantly on the go. It seems there is a never-ending to-do list always waiting for me. So anything that can help me save time, reduce stress, and work less is a win in my book.

5. Reduces Stress

Each week I spend time planning meals, making a grocery list, shopping, and cooking each night. And the crazy part is half of the time my kids don’t even eat what I made so I end up making two meals. With a healthy meal plan subscription like Nurture Life, I can select individual meals that each child will enjoy.

healthy meal plans

What are your child’s favorite meals?

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I've been wanting to start planning our meals! I keep putting it off and just cooking something random at the last minute! But after reading this I'm feeling motivated!
  2. I'm definitely a meal planner! Most weeks I plan out the weeks dinners and then do our grocery shopping so I don't have to run out again mid-week. I've never heard of Nurture Life...I'll have to check them out.
    • Yes, I am a meal planner too because I try to only shop once a week. I love having Nurture Life meals to supplement the meals I make for my kids.
  3. I have never heard of this meal service. I am very intrigued. There are some Moms out there who seem to have unlimited time and can get everything done like superwoman. I applaud them, but that isn't me. With a one year old I can understand why you would want to find ways to streamline tasks and chores for timesaving and for my time with your family. Having a meal plan that is healthy is a advantage that if you can use why wouldn't you. Kudos for you to finding smart ways to make life easier. Thank you for entering this post in the #allformamas link party. It will be great information for other moms looking for tips like this. I have pinned it and will post it to facebook
    • I agree Stephenie! I don't know how everyone does it all. This has been a great way for me to save time. Thank you for spreading the love by sharing this piece.
  4. As a expecting Mom this is going to help me in years to come! I find that freezing lots of casseroles with healthy, wholesome vegetables is a great way to have healthy meals ready to go too!
  5. thank you so much for linking to the #allformamas link party. I love your writing and am so excited you joined again. I have shared this post to stumbleupon and flipboard
  6. I am not good at meal planning. I am always putting off thinking about dinner until about 4:00pm and then unfortunately that leads to fast food or pizza or things that are not healthy. I haven't heard of this meal service. I can see how this would be a better alternative to fast food! Thanks for sharing!
  7. This is something that I've been looking at doing forever now! Especially since I've never been thrilled about cooking in the first place, it just seems like such a convenient load off my shoulders as well as healthy too!
  8. This is great! My little one is only 5 months old, but I will definitely have to keep this in mind for when he starts eating real meals. I especially love that they're actually healthy! Thanks for this review!

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