You’re Not Alone: 10 Pregnancy Secrets No One Shares

pregnancy secrets

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s body morphs through all kinds of changes. First, she enters the newly pregnant cute phase, in which it might take several weeks for her to start to show. Then, there is the awkward phase, when she wonders how many people are guessing if she is pregnant or just packing on some extra pounds. After that, she embarks on the “Can I touch your belly?” phase, when her adorable baby bump grows. Finally, she reaches super pregnant status. This is when she will experience some of the third-trimester symptoms, including the 10 pregnancy secrets that no one shares. Ladies, no need to fret, you are not alone in facing these sinister symptoms.

10 Pregnancy Secrets No One Shares

1. Everything starts to swell.

Her wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore. Not to mention, her once slim hands, now look like five little sausages that have been sewn together. Body appendages swell, including her ankles, nose, and her butt.

2. She has more in common with her grandma.

As the baby lodges his head deep into her hips, pressing down with all of his body weight, any sudden baby movement can cause a close call or an immediate trip to the bathroom.

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3. She. Can’t. Breathe.

It sounds like she just ran a marathon after climbing a single flight of stairs. This is thanks to all of her organs between her armpits and her hips having to share the space with the baby.

4. She can’t stop peeing.

It’s not uncommon during the super pregnant phase, to wake up several times during the night with a sudden urgency to pee. Hopefully, she is one of the lucky ones who can fall right back to sleep.

5. She waddles when she walks.

As hard as she may try to avoid this when the baby drops like a bowling ball between her hips, she will get her waddle on like a duck.

6. She is full of extra body fluids.

That’s right, if the previous items aren’t glamorous enough, just add the fluid increase coming from all sorts of body parts. Her body can’t keep itself from ramping up production of extra liquids.

7. Her bedtime changes.

In fact, she may revert to falling asleep at the same time as her seven-year-old self. She may reach a point when she cannot will her eyes to stay open any longer and passes out like she’s been drugged. She will make up for getting this extra sleep later, refer back to number four.

8. She snores now.

With the extra weight she’s gained, it’s likely she’ll have the pleasure of experiencing snoring.

9. She may think, “Is it physically possible for me to get any bigger?”

When she looks in the mirror, it’s hard to fathom how it will be possible for her body, especially her belly, to get any bigger during the weeks she has left before the baby arrives.

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10. Giving a urine sample becomes a scary situation.

Trying to leave a urine sample at the doctor’s office can be an unpredictable guessing game. No matter how she tries to lift her belly up, push it to the side, crane her neck, there’s just no seeing around it. So she will have to cross her fingers and pray she gets some in the cup. If not, there is no need to worry, she will have to go again in 20 minutes.

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