The Best 6 Month Old Baby Schedule (and It’s Printable)

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Inside: The best printable 6-month-old baby schedule. Plus, I share tips for teaching your baby the difference between day and night using age-appropriate awake time activities.

It was 7:15 in the morning. I rolled over in bed and looked at the baby monitor. I could see my daughter happily playing with the soft books we had in her bed.

I walked in her room and gently picked her up for a morning snuggle. This was a typical day for us. I loved being able to predict her schedule.

The Best 6-Month-Old Baby Schedule

I began implementing a schedule early on for both of my children to teach them the difference between day and night so that they would quickly learn how to sleep through the night.

Because babies grow so fast. It can be challenging to keep up with the schedule and routine changes. Every month brings new milestones, feeding times, and nap times.

That’s why I am sharing this 6-month-old babywise schedule for parents. It’s is a great resource to compare or predict what your baby might be doing at five or six-months-old.

sample schedule sample baby scheudule

Grab your free baby schedule here.

Defining the parts of the 5 or 6-Month-Old Baby Feeding and Sleeping Sample Schedule

When I mention feeding in the sample schedule, I am talking about the baby drinking milk. Although, you may also be introducing solids at this time in the baby’s life too. That will be something you can insert into the schedule as you and your healthcare provider decide is appropriate for your child.

Of course awake time refers to the time the baby should be awake during the daily schedule. I will also provide 6 month old awake time ideas for this time, later in the article.

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6 month old baby schedule

Sample Routine: 6 Month Old Baby Schedule

This schedule can be altered to fit your child depending on when your baby typically wakes up. You can get an idea for how long your little one will be awake or asleep following the wake up time.

Here is what the 6-Month-Old Baby Schedule looks like:

7:15                 Baby wakes up. Feed and change diaper
7:15-9:15        Awake (see list of ideas below)
9:15-11:15       Sleep
11:15                Feed and change diaper
11:30-1:30      Awake (see list of ideas below)
1:30-3:30       Sleep
3:30                 Feed and change diaper
3:30-6:00       Awake (see list of ideas below)
6:00-6:30       Catnap
6:30                 Feed and change diaper
6:30-8:00       Awake (see list of ideas below)
8:00                 New diaper + Pajamas + Final feeding

Snag your PRINTABLE 6-Month-Old Baby Schedule Here

Awake Time Activity Ideas:

Tips for Implementing the sample schedule:

  • This schedule is made as an outline to follow. It’s equally important to watch and listen to your baby to adjust as necessary.
  • Times may vary by 30-40 minutes on a daily basis.
  • As your baby grows from five months to six months, the awake time may grow also from one hour to 2 hours. You can adjust the schedule based on cues from your baby. If they are rubbing their eyes, getting fussy, crying, or yawning near the sleep time, then they are most likely ready for a nap.
  • If my baby is going through a growth spurt or I did not get the recommended number of feedings in during the day because of extended naps, then I would cluster feed at night.An example of what this might look like is feeding the baby at 6:00, 7:00, and then the final feeding before bed at 8:00. This ultimate breastfeeding guide is packed with helpful tips for troubleshooting when you are feeding your baby.
  • Get to know your baby’s cues for when they are hungry or sleepy so you can easily adjust the schedule as needed.

Wrapping up the schedule for a 5 or 6-Month-Old Infant

The overall daily schedule will follow the general flow of eating, being awake, then sleeping, as suggested by this book.

It is best to adjust this schedule based on the wake-up time of your baby and his or her hunger and sleep cues.

By creating a schedule such as this one, you will be able to predict ideal times for life events like doctor appointments, errands, play dates and more which makes life easier for the parents and the baby.

Grab your free baby schedule here.

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Please note that this is for informational purposes only. Please consult your healthcare provider before implementing any changes for your family.