4 Reasons Being a Mom is the Best Job Ever

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Inside: Motherhood is this messy canvas of chaos, tickle fights, and ordinary moments. Here are four of our favorite reasons being a mom is the best job ever. 

Before I was a mother, I spent my days in classroom teaching children. I greeted each child as they walked in my door in the morning. During the day, I taught them academics, manners, and how to be a kind human being. I tied shoes, and built relationships, and learned the quirks of each of my students.

And even though I now miss teaching, once I had children of my own, I knew that I wanted to maximize the few short years I have with them before they enter school. And although motherhood is this messy canvas of chaos, and tickle fights, and so many ordinary moments, there are four reasons being a mom is the best job ever.

being a mom is the best job
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4 Reasons Being a Mom is the Best Job Ever:

Moms Get to…

1. Pick Characteristics to Teach

As a mom, we get to select the characteristics we want our family to learn on a day to day basis. The attributes that are gently folded into everyday life like kindness, or how to be a hard worker or the importance of being an honest person. As a mom, it’s our responsibility to weave these attributes into even the smallest moments with our kids.

2. Be There

Being a mom means that we get to be there. We get to be there to kiss the skinned knees and boo-boos. We get to be there to rub our little one’s back as she drifts off to sleep. And yes we are there for the blowout diapers, and the runny noses, and the tantrums. But it’s all worth it because we get to enjoy the gloriously ordinary moments that seem insignificant but add up to make a lifetime of memories.

3. Be the Influence

We get to choose the atmosphere we want for our children. Not only that, we get to practice patience when we want to blow up. We get to model kindness, and self-control, and healthy eating habits, because we get to be the influence on our tender little ones. They watch every move we make, parrot every word we say, and copy our habits (both good or bad – eek!).

Photo by Kendall Borel

4. Watch Them Grow

As a mom, we get to watch our children grow. From their first word, first steps, first time going on the potty, first day of school, and first date. We get to relish in watching our babies grow into children, teens, and adults. We get to believe in them and root for them as they grow.

What is your reason being a mom is the best job?

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