Tested Ways to Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy

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Inside: Many moms dream of their pre-baby body. Here are two tested ways to lose belly fat after pregnancy. 

Many moms dream about how to get back to their pre-baby body after delivery. This is an amazing goal that requires more than just a dedicated mind. As much as the protruding belly is interfering with your physique and self-confidence, you need to ensure that you are safe to workout. Don’t go doing leg raises and squats three days after a C- section. Give yourself the time to heal and rejuvenate from the inside before working on the outside. Here I will show you two tested ways to lose belly fat after pregnancy.

2 Tested Ways to Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy

If you are healed and declared free to workout, you’d be glad to know that it is possible to trim the belly fat after pregnancy. With the correct workouts, it’ll be a matter of time before you start noticing some impressive results. The exercises will not only lead to a reduction of inches around the waist but also lead to improved blood circulation and prevent common postpartum illnesses such as back pain, varicose veins, lower leg swelling and cramps.

Anyone who’s ever been a mom knows that there’s absolutely no time to hit the gym after the baby gets here. While spending half the time attending to the new champ or princess, the rest of the day will be spent doing chores and struggling to keep your eyes open. In this case, exercises that you can easily perform at home will come in handy.

1. Crunches

Being ambitious is acceptable but aim to keep things simple at first to test the endurance of the body and level of pain if any. The basic crunches have been tried and tested for years and their effectiveness in working the abs have been proven.

You can start this off by laying on the floor with your knees bent and tighten your abs, release, and repeat. Do this a few more times then move on to the next practice. Perform a pelvic tilt whereby you raise your pelvis towards your head a few times then rest. Tightening the pelvic floor is a bonus practice that you can do while performing the pelvic tilts.

Finally, perform the crunches. With you back against the ground, knees bent, and hands tucked under your head, lift your head and shoulders off the floor, hold for a second then lower yourself back to the starting position. Perform a set of 10-12 reps then rest and repeat. As you get stronger, increase the intensity holding on to weights or lifting your legs as you lift your shoulders off the floor. Twisting your torso towards the sides instead of coming straight up will tighten the obliques and burn body fat on the sides.

2. Leg Raises

For this workout, you will need to lay flat on the floor. You can use a mat for padding and comfort during the workout. Tuck the palm of your hands under your head or hold on to something solid. Lift your legs up until you form a 90-degree angle with your torso and lower the feet back down to the starting position. This workout engages the abdominal muscles hence promoting fat burn around the tummy area. Perform a set of 12 reps, rest then repeat. Do as many reps as you possibly can.

In order to make your belly fat burn process through workout more successful, you could incorporate a thermogenic fat burner to your diet. It will speed up the belly fat burning process hence quicker and more visible results. Once you graduate from home workouts and actually get the time for the gym, make the intensity of the workouts challenging, for instance, using an incline bench for when doing the sit ups.

Another tip to get and keep you motivated, it is advisable to join a group of fellow moms within your neighborhood for group workouts. Together, you can go for brisk walking or jogging. You can also form a social media group whereby you can all perform certain workouts for each day and maybe post videos and photos of yourselves performing them. This not only earns you a new group of friends but is also fun and guaranteed to motivate everyone to keep up and for a trimmer waistline.

It is highly advisable to improve your diet during this time. Get rid of all the fast and comfort foods around the house and replace them with healthy food options such as fruits, vegetables, whole foods, and grains. These will not only speed up your results but also increase the milk production so you get to reap two benefits at once. These meal options also aid in digestion hence preventing bloating and constipation which protrude the belly.

About the Author

This post was written by Emily. She is the founder of BodyShape101, a blog where she and her associates talk about exercise, fitness, and yoga. Their aim is to help people like you to achieve perfect body.  She is also a mother of one and she tries to find balance between her passion and her biggest joy in life.

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