The Best Nursing Shirts for Breastfeeding in Public

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Inside: Find the best nursing shirts for breastfeeding in public, plus seven simple ways to make breastfeeding in public easier.

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One of my first outings after having my daughter as a new mom was to an outdoor mall with my friend. I was nervous about how everything would work, changing diapers, breastfeeding, encountering germs, and the unknown.

We were halfway through the mall when my daughter started crying and was ready to nurse. I looked around anxiously trying to figure out where I should go. Thankfully, my friend helped me pick a secluded bench that was away from most of the mall traffic.

My first experience breastfeeding in public was a little rocky, but I was able to get through my first time nursing my newborn outside of my house. Now that I am a second-time mom and have breastfed two of my babies passed a year, I have learned wearing the right clothes like the best nursing shirts makes a huge difference. Plus, I want to share these seven simple ways to make breastfeeding in public easier.

The Best Nursing Shirts: Tees and Tanks

The Best Nursing Shirts: Long Sleeve

One of the best nursing shirts is the Cardimom convertible cardigan to poncho by MULTIWEAR. It’s great because you can wear it as part of your outfit making it super convenient to nurse anywhere.

The Best Nursing Shirts: Bras

best nursing shirts for breastfeeding in public

7 Simple Ways to Make Breastfeeding in Public Easier

1. Get Organized

One of the best ways to prepare for breastfeeding in public is to have your supplies organized in your diaper bag. I like to keep burp clothes, bibs, and my nursing cover in a place that is easy to reach. I also try to keep my diaper bag simple, with only the essentials so that it is lighter and easier to find items when you only have one hand.

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2. Get Covered (if You Want)

I always felt more comfortable when using a cover to nurse in public. If you are comfortable without a cover, that is awesome too. My favorite nursing cover is the Cardimom convertible cardigan to poncho by MULTIWEAR. It’s great because you can wear it as part of your outfit making it super convenient to nurse anywhere. Or, you can keep it in your diaper bag to use when you are breastfeeding. There are 20 ways to wear the Cardimom. Plus, on top of using it for nursing, it is perfect for maternity, fitmoms, babywearing, or camouflaging your post preggo baby bump (if you are like me).

3. Practice at Home

They say practice makes perfect, right? Practice breastfeeding at home with whatever materials you will be using in public (i.e. nursing cover, nipple shields, etc.). Getting the baby to latch when under the cover can be the trickiest part. The more comfortable you feel at home, the easier it will come when you are breastfeeding in public.

breastfeeding in public

4. Plan Ahead

Think about your baby’s schedule and when the baby will be hungry. If you have flexibility in your schedule, plan to be in a spot that you would be most comfortable in to feed the baby.

5. Pick the Perfect Spot

Take a moment to look around, when you are ready to breastfeed in public. Pick a spot that makes you feel comfortable. I would sometimes feel rushed if my baby started crying, but it’s worth it to find a good place. Depending on how long your baby breastfeeds, you may be there a while.

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breastfeeding in public

6. Use a Nursing Bra and Tank

I invested in several nursing bras and nursing tank tops to make my life easier. That way when I am breastfeeding in public, I don’t have to fight with my clothes.

7. Be Confident

You’ve got this mama. Breastfeeding can be way trickier than people let on. No matter what, a fed baby is best.

Don’t forget to check out my favorite nursing convertible cover, Cardimom, by MULTIWEAR.

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breastfeeding in public

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