Instant Ways to Simplify Nightly Routines With Printable Charts for Kids

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Inside: Instantly simplify your evenings and nightly routines as a family with these printable charts for kids.

Charts for kids

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Making the most of our evenings as a family is important, especially if one or both parents are working during the day. By using the printable charts for kids provided here, you can eliminate the stress and guilt that can come from chaotic evening schedules. Instantly simplify your evenings and nightly routines as a family with these printable charts for kids.

In the evenings, it’s important to both my husband and me to spend quality time with our kids, but also have some time to rest and recoup for the next day. We do this by following a routine that provides both downtime and productivity in a simple way.

charts for kids

Printable Charts for Kids

Here are two printable charts for kids that will instantly simplify nightly routines:

charts for kids and families

Our evenings look like this:

Snack + Rest

Our kids eat a snack and rest while catching up on one of their favorite XFINITY X1 shows. X1 is our television service that is a cloud-based platform that combines customized apps, social media features, and traditional video services to deliver a personalized and dynamic TV entertainment experience. My absolute favorite feature of X1 is how easy it is to find Sesame Street or Thomas & Friends by using the X1 Voice Remote which allows me to say the name of a show, channel, movie or genre, and the results appear on the screen which makes my life super easy.

While my kids rest and eat their snack, I like to get dinner going.


Next, we eat dinner together and have a chance to talk about our days.

Quality Time

This is a great time of day to spend quality time with the kids. We like to play outside, go for walks, take the kids to a park, or do something fun together.


Reading is a perfect way to transition from an active day to get ready for bed. We snuggle up on the couch and pick out a few of our favorite books.

Get Ready for Bed

Finally, it’s time for the kids to get ready for bed. My little ones like to have a snack or milk before bed, so my husband and I sneak in some cuddles while my kids have their snack or milk and we catch up on a few minutes of a show. With our X1 DVR, we can record and watch up to 6 shows at once and store hundreds of shows, which is makes it convenient to start and stop our favorite programs whenever we want.

charts for kids

Bedtime Routine Chart:

For bedtime, we wash our hands, brush teeth, use the bathroom, set out clothes for the next day, get into pajamas, and spend a few minutes together for hugs and kisses before bed.

What are your nightly routines for your kids?

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