The Best Christmas Crafts for Kids that will Make You Smile {+Printable}

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Inside: The best keepsake Christmas crafts for kids that will make you smile. Plus the free printable ornament templates.

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It was November when our family was driving down the road on a cold day. My preschooler broke the silence when she shouted, “Mom, look! Christmas lights!”

christmas crafts for kids

christmas crafts for kids

“We better hurry up and put up our decorations before Christmas gets here!”

Her enthusiasm made me grin. We decided it would take teamwork to get all of the decorations up. Thinking about our list of to-do’s… put up the Christmas tree, hang the Christmas lights outside, make Christmas cookies, decorate the tree, etc.

On our list, I added making keepsake Christmas crafts for kids. Not only can we use this craft as an ornament on our tree (plus a ton of other ways – scroll to see my list at the bottom),  but it’s also a great way to capture those tiny handprints that grow way to fast.

Get your smile on and grab your printable ornament template here. 🙂

The Best Christmas Crafts for Kids

We made four keepsake ornaments to add to our tree.

For each ornament, I used black poster board. First, we printed the ornament template and cut out the shapes.

Next, we traced the shapes onto the black poster board with chalk or white crayons. Then, we cut out the ornaments. After that was our favorite part, the decorating.

Watch this quick video tutorial to see how we decorated our ornaments.

What You’ll Need for the Christmas Crafts for Kids:

christmas crafts for kids

Ornament 1

For the first ornament, we spread petroleum jelly on the top of my daughter’s hand, so the glitter spray paint wouldn’t stick.

Next, we placed her hand on the circle ornament and sprayed the glitter spray over top. Thanks to the petroleum jelly, it was super easy to simply wipe off the excess glitter with a wet wipe.

christmas crafts for kids

Ornament 2

For the next ornament, we used the Christmas tree shape. Once it was cut out, we simply added glue in a zigzag design and sprinkled on some green and blue glitter.

christmas crafts for kids

Ornament 3

For the third keepsake ornament, we used the heart shape template. Then, we traced my daughter’s hand with glue. Next, we added some red and gold glitter.

christmas crafts for kids

Ornament 4

For the final kids craft ornament, we used the circle template. We then painted my daughters hand white and pressed it onto the poster board. Next, we sprinkled on silver glitter.

After drying, we punched a hole at the top of each ornament and added some ribbon.

The best keepsake Christmas crafts for kids that will make you smile. Plus the free printable ornament templates.Click To Tweet

A Fun Tradition

We had so much fun making these simple Christmas craft for kids. When we were all done, my favorite part was watching my daughter place each one on our tree with such pride.

This Christmas craft could also be used to make cute Christmas cards, homemade gifts for family members, or even a Christmas garland if hung on a string.

Your Turn

What are your favorite Christmas crafts for kids?

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