Forget the Mess! This Is the Best List of Diaper Bag Organizer Hacks

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Inside: Forget the mess and get organized with the top eight best diaper bag organizer hacks.

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I unbuckled my baby girl out of her car seat and reached my hands around her delicate newborn body. My hands slid across her soaked onesie. And instantly I knew, I was dealing with a poop explosion. Immediately, I was covered, my hands, my arm, my shirt…

diaper bag organizer diaper bag organizer

My husband dug through our overstuffed diaper bag in search of the wipes, the changing pad, and a diaper trash bag. There were baby essentials strewn across our trunk. I gently laid my poor, poop-covered baby on the changing pad and wiped her down.

I learned very quickly that diaper bag organization was crucial for finding things in a hurry, or when you only have one hand, or when you are trying to explain to someone else where to find something in your diaper bag.

The Best List of Diaper Bag Organizer Hacks

That’s how this list of diaper bag organizer hacks was created to eliminates the mess. You can also find a list of some of my favorite diaper bag essentials here.
diaper bag organizer

1. Roll Spare Clothes into Socks

Lay out an extra outfit flat. Then, place the socks at the bottom with the openings facing out. Next, roll the outfit up and fold the ends of the socks over to keep the outfit secure.

diaper bag

2. Use a bag with tons of built-in storage.

I love finding multifunctional items that make my life easier. Like a nursing cover that can also be used as a car seat cover or a blanket. So, the same applies to my diaper bag. It just makes sense to use a bag that is super functional with tons of storage already built in, which is why I use the transition tote by MULTIWEAR.

3. Ziplock Bags

Use ziplock bags to keep organized. When I had two children in diapers, I would use a bag for each child, so I could quickly find the correct size diapers.

diaper bag organizer

4. To-Go Containers

Use small takeout or food storage containers to store small items like pacifiers or a mini first aid.

diaper bag organizer

5. Re-use Diaper Wipe Containers

Use diaper wipes containers to keep your personal items in like chapstick, glasses, wallet, and more. Diaper wipe containers can also be used to keep snacks organized and contain any mess.

diaper bag organizer

6. Pencil Pouches / Clear Travel Totes

Pencil pouches or travel totes are perfect for organizing toys or on-the-go activities. Two of my favorite activities for babies are filling an empty water bottle with straws or stringing cereal bracelets.

7. Keep Baby Feeding Items on Exterior of Diaper Bag

Planning ahead by keeping baby feeding items like bottles or nursing items on the outside of the diaper bag makes it easier to grab in a hurry. Here are seven more tips on how to make breastfeeding in public easier.

diaper bag organizer

8. Emergency Diaper Change Kit

I wish I would have known about this trick when my baby girl had her blow out in the car seat. Pre-make an emergency diaper change kit. To do this, place a diaper, wipes, and diaper waste bag inside of a large ziplock. This makes it super easy to grab all of the essentials.

Don’t forget to check out the crazy functional products by MUTLIWEAR before you go.

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Your Turn

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