Family Road Trip Ideas for Kids: Easy DIY Organizer

Inside: See how family road trip ideas for kids are made simple with this easy DIY organizer.

Whenever I am on-the-go with my kids, it takes me forever to pack up all of our things. Inevitably, I forget something. Some days, I am the mom who packs extra snacks, diapers and sanitizer and other days, I drink from my kid’s sippy cup. We love to take our kids to new places. Whether we are going to the park, a road trip, or a backyard barbecue family road trip ideas for kids are made simple with this easy DIY organizer.

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Easy DIY Organizer for Family Road Trips

To make the DIY organizer, I bought a bath tote that can easily fit behind the seat of the car. I then filled it with the essentials that I need for family road trips like diapers, Kleenex, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, disposable waste bags, kids sunglasses, snacks and activities for kids.

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I put the diapers, wipes, and disposable bags together on one side.

Then, in the front, I used Kleenex Go Anywhere bags which make it easy with the convenient design that can clip right onto the handle of the bath tote. Plus, this package fits perfectly into the space of the bath tote. In the back sections, I put the sunglasses and sunscreen.

Last, I filled the right section with snacks that won’t easily melt or go stale, since they may be in the car for a few days.

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I also included several road trips ideas for kids. My kids are both toddlers, so easy road trip activities for them are small toys like cars and airplanes. Paper with stamps and crayons are always a big hit too, to keep them busy. On top of that, I added an erasable sketch pad, play dough, and a spinner. These are sure to keep my little ones entertained without too much hassle.

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What are your favorite family road Trip Ideas for Kids?

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