Interior Design Ideas for How to Make a House Feel Like a Home

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Inside: Discover five practical ways to make a house feel like a home. Like, using a rug, a piece of art, or a throw pillow as inspiration for room colors.

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In the past, I dreamt of having my own space to decorate. When my husband and I bought our first home, I was so excited to begin decorating to make our house feel like a home. I made some mistakes along the way, like painting my kitchen a pomegranate red or buying furniture that didn’t fit well in a our space. However, along the way I have also learned five simple interior design ideas for how to make a house feel like a home.

Interior Design Ideas for Your Home


1. Mix Textures

One element you will find in homes with great design ideas is mixing textures. For example, a masculine leather couch, fluffy tweed pillows, a smooth glass vase, and a rigid wood table, like that found in CORT Furniture Rental, creates a warm and inviting space. Overall, whatever textures you choose, place a variety in your room to give it a homey feeling.

2. Choose a Color Palette

Choose a color palette to stick to for each room. Personally, I like to use a rug, a piece of art, or a throw pillow as inspiration for room colors.

3. Add a Pop of Color

Overall, you will want to stick to your color palette for your design ideas, especially for your furniture and art pieces. One great option for convenient, furniture on-demand is to rent furniture from CORT, a furniture rental provider that has move-in ready packages. Once you have your room set up using your color palette for the main items, adding a small pop of color will make a big design impact.


4. Symmetry

Another design element you will find in popular interior design ideas is to use both symmetry and asymmetry in a room. You may put two of the same candle holders on the wall framing in a mirror, or use two of the same sitting chairs on either side of a table to add symmetry. In the same way, not everything needs to be symmetric. You can use asymmetry to draw the eye across a room.

5. Make a Statement with Artwork

The final step to completing your design ideas is to make a statement with a piece of artwork. It can be big or small. Adding art to a room will personalize your space and make it feel more like home.

What design ideas do you use to make your house feel like a home?

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