Over 100 Easy Kids Activities That are Surprisingly Fun

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Inside: Spending time with your kids can be surprisingly fun with these easy kids activities. This is a growing list of ways to spend quality time together.

kids activities

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100+ Easy Kids Activities

  1. Build a fort
  2. Royal Outing – dress in your nice clothes and go somewhere
  3. Family sleepover
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Make a banana split
  6. Plant seeds
  7. Silly Scissor Haircuts (video tutorial)
  8. Make personal pizzas
  9. Snowball/water fight (depending on the season)
  10. Make an obstacle course with items from around the house
  11. Shaving cream writing (video tutorial) (ABC printable template)
  12. Open Gym
  13. Read favorite books
  14. Sensory bin  (video tutorial)
  15. Go to a bookstore
  16. Have a “yes” day (You say yes to anything safe and reasonable)
  17. Watch a movie
  18. Make play dough or clay sculptures
  19. Dance
  20. Bake cookies
  21. Build letters with magnetic tiles (video tutorial) (free letter templates)
  22. Drive somewhere new & explore
  23. Teach them something new
  24. Glow sticks in the dark
  25. Go to the library
  26. Do an easy science experiment
  27. Paint
  28. ABC Splash (video tutorial)
  29. Go to the aquarium
  30. Play hide and seek
  31. Bake cookies
  32. Make a craft
  33. Fix something
  34. Campfire
  35. Do something kind for a person outside your family
  36. Bowling
  37. Play in the rain
  38. Hula hoop contest
  39. Go to a park
  40. Cook
  41. Play a game
  42. Create a mini scavenger hunt
  43. Catch bugs
  44. Have a backwards day where you do everything backwards
  45. Ride bikes
  46. Go sledding
  47. Make something out of a cardboard box
  48. Set a budget and buy each other a gift from the dollar store
  49. Build something together
  50. Make watermelon sorbet popsicles (video tutorial)
  51. Do a DIY project
  52. Find a hobby to share
  53. Have a picnic
  54. Recycle or restore something
  55. Go to a local event
  56. Look through old pictures
  57. Beach
  58. Blow bubbles
  59. Movie & popcorn
  60. Make smores
  61. Finger paint
  62. Water balloon play
  63. Zoo
  64. Treasure hunt
  65. Piñata
  66. Splash park
  67. Make lemonade
  68. Hike
  69. Nature Center
  70. Farm
  71. Sidewalk chalk
  72. Wagon ride
  73. Bean bag toss
  74. Glow sticks
  75. Trampoline Park
  76. Obstacle course
  77. Fly kites
  78. Paper Airplanes (video tutorial) (free templates)
  79. Library
  80. Science experiment
  81. Berry picking
  82. Frisbee toss
  83. Paint rocks
  84. Open Swim at a pool or swim school
  85. Pillow fort
  86. Sprinklers
  87. Play in the rain
  88. Cereal necklace
  89. Handprint art
  90. Make maracas
  91. Camping in a tent
  92. Make a pizza
  93. Museum
  94. Popsicles
  95. Slip-n-slide
  96. Puppet show
  97. Leaf rubbings
  98. Go on a date
  99. Catch fireflies
  100. Marshmallow + toothpick fort
  101. Make sandcastles
  102. Park
  103. Picnic
  104. Mall Play Area
  105. Parade
  106. Putt putt mini golf
  107. Pool
  108. Star gaze
  109. Coffee & Play Place
  110. Glue Bag Writing
  111. Play truth or dare

What are your favorite kids activities to do with your children? Did I miss any?

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