The Day I Learned A Powerful Lesson About Motherhood

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One unsuspecting morning, I had promised to run an errand to help my mom go shopping for a special event. So, she arranged for someone to watch my daughter for a few hours. I thought about taking my daughter shopping with us, but figured it would be easiest to only take my three-month-old.

When I got back from our shopping trip, I immediately spotted a lump in daughters diaper. I quickly learned that she told the babysitter that she didn’t poop, so the babysitter believed her. Side note, if a two-year-old ever tells you they didn’t poop — don’t listen to them!

Normally, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, except my daughter was getting three of her molars in. Whenever she is teething, it is more likely for her to get a diaper rash, if she is not changed promptly. Knowing this about her, I immediately scooped her up and laid her on the changing table. As soon as I opened her diaper, I saw her poor bum was red and inflamed.


My daughter was a mess, tears streaming down her little cheeks telling me it hurt. From the past, I knew this meant that she would need to go at least a few days without a diaper, to keep the diaper rash from worsening.

I was now faced with trying to chase a naked toddler around while caring for my three-month-old too. Any mom knows that something like this adds considerable more stress to the daily routines. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated.

When I go through something difficult like this situation, I often wonder why it is happening to me. Usually, there isn’t a clear answer to that question. However, here’s what I have learned: Sometimes, when we go through something painful, it gives us a chance to relate better to others. We gain more compassion and empathy for the scenarios another person might be facing.

And really, that’s what it’s all about. Connecting with others. As parents and moms especially, we need each other. The simple power of feeling support from another person is refreshing. Knowing there is another person in this world that understands what you are going through is strangely comforting.

It’s in our relationships with others that we are able to find love, support, and encouragement. So, thank you to all the moms who are honest and vulnerable. The woman we can turn to when we need someone to confide in. The mother who tells us that we can get through it. The friend who reminds us that we aren’t the only one who has cried on the bathroom floor, so we don’t feel alone.

You inspire us. You support us. You are us.

Who inspires and supports you, when you need it the most?

This is a repost of the article I originally published on Her View From Home.

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