My Morning Routine: How to Leave the House with 2 Toddlers in 29 Easy Steps

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Inside:How to Leave the House with 2 Toddlers in 29 Easy Steps. This humorous piece exposes what the morning routine for moms with toddlers really looks like.

Getting a toddler out of the house in a hurry is kind of like pushing a packed grocery cart through three feet of snow. You may make some progress, but you better be prepared for some resistance and a total body work out. I’d like to share my morning routine tips for how to leave the house with two toddlers in 29 easy steps.

Morning Routine:

1. Feel optimistic about leaving on time since you have 10 minutes before you need to leave and both the children are dressed and fed.

2. Smile because you are a pro at getting yourself ready in less than 10 minutes.

3.Run upstairs to get your makeup while both children are still safely contained in their highchairs.

4. Immediately let children get out of their highchairs because they have decided they cannot eat for one more minute.

5. Apply makeup while your toddler wiggles on your lap and your baby plays jungle gym on your knee.

6. Get a whiff of something awful.

7. Ask your toddler why she didn’t want to go poop on the potty, since she is potty trained.

8. Change poopy pull-up.

9. Pack bottles and snacks for the children.

10. Give baby a bottle to get him to stop climbing on you.

11. Ask your toddler to put on her shoes.

12. Wrangle your baby into his coat and shoes.

13. Put on your toddler’s shoes for her since she declares only mommy put on her shoes today.

14. Ask your toddler if she can find her hat because it’s freezing outside.

15. Kiss your baby’s forehead because he bumped into the wall, while you were wrestling putting on your toddler’s shoes.

morning routine

16. Grab your coffee, bottles, and snacks for the kids.

17. Open the door to go outside and realize it’s even colder than you thought.

18. Go back inside to find a blanket for the baby.

19. Grab the first blanket you can find.

20. Realize that the blanket you found is your toddler’s cuddle blanket and hand it over to its rightful owner.

21. Glance at the clock and realize you’re already five minutes late.

22. Ask your toddler if she can grab a different blanket for the baby, since he cannot use the one that you’ve already picked out.

23. Buckle the baby into the car seat.

24. Discover you’re already missing one of the baby’s shoes.

25. Go back into the house to find your toddler standing there with a hairbrush instead of a blanket.

26. Ask her not to move while you run into the other room to quickly grab a blanket.

27. Almost close the door completely, and then remember you need your coffee (and of course the bottles and snacks too).

28. Buckle your toddler into her car seat.

29. Look at the clock and realize you’re already 10 minutes late. Sigh.

What does your morning routine look like? 

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