Easy Two-Minute DIY Diaper Caddy With Simple Organization Hacks

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The first week I brought my baby home from the hospital, the doctor said I needed limit going up and down stairs to once a day. This meant I would go down the stairs in the morning to our main floor and stay on that floor for the rest of the day. My body was sore and still recovering. I was so grateful that I had made an easy two-minute DIY diaper caddy with simple organization hacks for each level of my house. Having quick access to the diaper caddy made changing a million diapers a day that much easier.

diaper caddy organization hacks

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What You’ll Need for an Easy Two-Minute DIY Diaper Caddy With Simple Organization Hacks

First, you’ll want to gather the essentials for the easy two-minute DIY diaper caddy. Of course, you’ll need diapers, wipes, and diaper cream in the caddy. From experience, I have learned organization hacks like keeping hand sanitizer, air freshener, and lotion in the bin too. These essential items are easy to keep organized and will keep parents from having to run around looking for these items.

Organization hacks

DIY Diaper Caddy Essentials:

Once you have gathered all of the materials for the diaper caddy you are ready to whip out these easy two-minute DIY diaper caddies with simple organization hacks.

How to Make An Easy Two-Minute DIY Diaper Caddy With Simple Organization Hacks

These diaper caddies are so easy to make, I still keep a few around the house to make it convenient to get to diaper essentials no matter where I am. Along with the diaper caddy, I also used a changing pad in my baby’s bedroom and a storable changing pad for the other locations. These organization hacks made is easy to tuck the DIY diaper caddy and storable changing mat under a side table or in a drawer. With newborns going through up to 10 diapers a day, the easier it is to change a diaper the better. Or in my case, with two kids in diapers, I feel like I am constantly changing a diaper.

DIY diaper caddy

1. To start, take the bin and place the lotion, hand sanitizer, and air freshener, and diaper cream on the far end.

Easy two minute DIY diaper caddy

2. Next, fill the remaining space with diapers on their sides to maximize space. I like to do two layers of diapers so that I need to refill the bin less often. More diapers = saving me time.

3. Finally, leave a space large enough to fit a pack of diaper wipes on top of the first row of diapers.

Diaper caddy essentials

Easy-peasy. You are done in less than two minutes.

Once you have busted out a few of these easy diaper caddies using simple organization hacks, think about the areas of the house you will be in most often and place them there. The great thing about these diaper caddy’s is that they are easy to tuck away and pull out when you need them, as they don’t take up much space.

Ready for a Bonus Organization Hack?

If you need a changing mat to stay in place on a dresser or changing pad. Just use the non slip grip pad (the material you put under rugs), underneath the changing pad. Cut out a piece just small than the changing pad for some instant and easy traction.

Step 1:

How to make a diaper caddy

Step 2:

How to organize a diaper caddy

Overview Easy Two-Minute DIY Diaper Caddy With Simple Organization Hacks

  1. Gather DIY diaper caddy essentials: diapers, wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, air freshener, lotion, & bin
  2. Place the lotion, hand sanitizer, and air freshener, and diaper cream in the bin.
  3. Fill the remaining space with diapers.
  4. Place diaper wipes on top.

What organization hacks do you use to keep your life with kids simple?

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