Amazing Pre Writing Hack to Try With Your Kid Right Now

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Inside: Pre writing skills for toddlers have never been so fun using this activity hack.

pre writing skills

Amazing Pre Writing Hack for Kids

I began teaching my toddler how to write her letters the more traditional route with pencil and letter tracing paper. She quickly became bored and frustrated with her developing skills. I realized I needed to re-evaluate to find a different way for her to practice letter formation or pre-writing skills. That is how I came up with these pre-writing activities for preschoolers.

As a former teacher and reading specialist, I want learning to be fun. This shaving cream sensory bag is sure to be just that.

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Pre Writing Skills Activity

For this activity, I isolated the lines that make up the letters of the alphabet in this free pre-writing practice printable. This makes it easy to build a foundation for the shapes needed to write the letters in the alphabet.

pre writing skills for toddlers

Here are the steps:

1. Print the free pre-writing practice printable and cut out the templates.

2. Next, fill a large Ziploc bag with a dollop of two paint colors and 1/4 full of shaving cream. Try to gently press out any remaining air before sealing the bag.

3. After that, seal the bag with tape. This is a must. Little hands are really good at breaking the seal otherwise.

4. Let your little one have some sensory fun by mixing the paint together with the shaving cream. By creating colored shaving cream, you will be able to see the letters better, through the bag.

5. Place a white piece of paper behind the bag and set on a flat surface.

6. Model how to trace each card from the pre-writing practice printable with a Q-tip and then mimic the line on the shaving cream bag.

To view the video tutorial, visit Play Learn Connect on Facebook where I share tons of fun kids activities.

pre writing skills


  • Pre-writing practice printable
  • Scissors
  • Large Ziploc bag
  • Paint
  • Shaving cream
  • Q-tips
  • Clear tape
  • White paper (for behind the bag)

As your little one improves his or her pre-writing skills, you could also use this bag to practice the letters in the alphabet, numbers and even sight words, which are the words that are most common in reading.

How will you use this handwriting practice for kids hack?

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