What To Say To A Pregnant Woman And 3 Things To Avoid

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Inside: Read the best list of what to say to a pregnant woman to make her smile and three questions avoid.

questions pregnant women never want to hear

I will never forget peering down at the scale trying to move my belly so I could read the numbers below my swollen feet. It was my last trimester and I dreaded getting on the scale to weigh myself, and yet I couldn’t resist. Not only was my size changing and expanding, but my hormones were fluctuating and there were all of the concerns regarding raising a tiny human.

Every woman’s body grows and develops so differently during pregnancy. With all of the changes physically and emotionally, it can leave a pregnant woman in an emotionally vulnerable state. Not only is she likely incredibly aware of her changing body, so is EVERYONE around her.

So, here is a safe list of what to say to a pregnant woman, and if you scroll to the bottom, four questions to avoid asking her.

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What To Say To A Pregnant Woman

1. Offering Congratulations

Congratulating the mama-to-be is a great way to show her that you care. I also like to say, “I am so happy for your growing family.”

2. General Compliments

Use general compliments like:

  • “You are glowing!”
  • “You look amazing.”
  • “Pregnancy looks great on you.”

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What To Say To A Pregnant Woman

3. Can I bring you a meal once you have the baby?

The first 6-8 weeks after having a baby are some of the toughest. Between feeding the baby every 2-3 hours, changing diapers and doing the simplest daily tasks like showering, life can feel overwhelming. One of the kindest gestures you can make is offering to bring a meal during this time.

4. Offer to Watch the Kids

If you are a friend of the pregnant mama and she has other children, she may appreciate someone offering help her by watching the other kids for a few hours. This might allow her to have a few moments of silence if the baby falls asleep to shower or eat a meal in peace.

5. Can I pick something up from the store for you?

Running to the store for toilet paper, paper plates, or really anything can feel like a marathon when you have a newborn who is barely sleeping. She would most likely be so grateful if you offer to pick up a few things while you are out.

Whatever you decide to say, it’s best to keep positive and uplifting.

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What To Say To A Pregnant Woman And 4 Things To Avoid

1. Questions about her size like:

“How much weight have you gained?”
“Are you sure your pregnant?”
“Are you sure it’s not twins?”

And anything in between, preggo women are usually ultra-sensitive about their size. (See number 2 above.)

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2. Questions about Labor

When I was about a month away from having my second baby, every day I would go into work, I had well-intentioned co-workers asking me why I was still there and when I was going to have the baby. When a preggo mama is large and in charge, like I was, this question increased the anxiety I already was feeling about delivering the baby.

3. Was it planned?

Whether or not the baby was planned is really irrelevant.

4. Pregnancy info that starts with “Did you know…?”

Normally, this kind of question is a subtle correction to the mama. And for some reason, when a mama gets pregnant it seems like everyone has “advice” for her.

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What’s the worst question you’ve been asked while pregnant?

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what to say to a pregnant woman

Questions pregnant women never want to hear