Naptime Productivity Sesame Street-Style: Craft Ideas That Will Make You Go “Awww”

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Inside: See the free printables for the Sesame Street craft ideas with Elmo that will make you go ‘Awww!’ Perfect for birthday parties, craft ideas, or puppet shows. 

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It was just after 1:30 when my two little ones wiggled on the steps as I unzipped their coats and pulled off their shoes. We had just finished riding scooters outside.

They both flopped onto the couch and snuggled in with some blankets and pillows.

Seasame Street Craft Ideas

Seasame Street Craft Ideas

Grab your free printable Sesame Street Puppets here.

I needed to get them both into bed by 2:00 that day, so they could nap before our dinner plans that night. So, I told them we could watch part of a show then and watch the rest after their naps.

I knew that with the Xfinity Stream app, it would be easy to keep my word even if we were out at a restaurant because I have access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide. Also, using the app, I can stream our favorite shows (and movies too) anywhere, even if we are offline.

I figured they would probably choose one of their favorite Sesame Street episodes because that is their favorite show of the week.

I have their five favorites downloaded on my phone via the Xfinity Stream app so that it’s easy to watch them at home or take them on the go. In fact, I often use this list of 20 quiet waiting games for little ones when I am out running around with my kids.

Sesame Street Craft Ideas

Here are our top Sesame Street Picks:

1. Bye Bye Pacifier
2. Music Magic
3. Afraid of the Bark
4. Don’t get Pushy
5. The Kindness Kid

It’s hard to resist Elmo and the whole Sesame Street crew which gave me an idea…

While they were in bed, I sketched, scribbled and cut recreating their favorite characters from Sesame Street as paper puppet crafts. You can grab your printable Sesame Street Puppets here.

Sesame Street Craft Ideas

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Sesame Street Craft Ideas

1. To make each puppet, simply print the Sesame Street characters you like.

2. Next, follow the directions to color or paint each puppet.

3. Then, cut out the outline of the puppet, the eyes and nose and the hand straps (optional). After that, glue the character’s eyes and nose to the head of the puppet. If your little one enjoys cutting, they may like this silly scissor activity too.

4. Next, fold the puppet’s head and mouth backward, along the line.

5. Finally, if you want to have added support, add glue to the hand straps and secure them to the back of the puppet for support.

sesame street craft ideas

That’s a Wrap

Don’t forget to grab your printable puppets and to check out Xfinity TV service. With Xfinity TV you can watch top networks and live sports on-the-go, plus thousands of Xfinity On Demand movies and shows anytime, anywhere.

Your Turn

What are your favorite craft ideas for your kids?

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