Sick Kids: Ideas for Beating Boredom When You are Stuck at Home

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It is impossible to keep your kids from getting sick, and certain times of the year like fall and winter, make it ever harder to avoid. If you have more than one child, you hope that the germs won’t be passed from one to the other, only prolonging the quarantine time for the kids. Play dates have to be canceled and fun events missed. Cold season can be a real bummer for the whole family. Thankfully, I have created a list of fun activities for beating boredom when you are stuck at home with sick kids.

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Sick Kids: 8 Ideas for Beating Boredom

I like to keep a bin with all of the items I need for the following activities for beating boredom when you are stuck in the house with sick kids, so I don’t have to make an extra trip to the store once they are sick. Click here to get your printable list of everything you need for beating boredom.

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8 Ideas for Beating Boredom

1. Make a Fort
For this one, all you need is some pillows, blankets, a wall, and a good imagination. Making a fort is a great way for kids to get creative by trying out different configurations and constructing new places.

2. Decorate Cookies
If you are preparing ahead for decorating cookies, you can freeze the cookie dough until you need it. Decorating cookies with frosting and sprinkles is a great way to beat boredom when you are stuck in the house with sick kids. You can make cookie faces, combine cookies to make bodies, or use cookie cutters to make fun shapes.

3. Build Marshmallow Castles
Marshmallow castles can provide hours of entertainment for little ones. All you need is a box of toothpicks and a bag of mini marshmallows.

4. Movie and Popcorn
This is a great option for kids that need to rest. Parents can sneak some snuggles in while watching a movie. And don’t forget the best part… popcorn.

5. Sensory Bins
Sensory bins are a great way for children to explore shapes, textures, and colors. Typically, sensory bins include rice plus whatever objects you select for the kids to explore. Some examples of other materials might include: pom-poms, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, buttons, lids, etc.

6. Painting Rock Animals
This is a fun idea for beating boredom when stuck in the house with sick kids. For this idea, you need a few small stones, paint, brushes, and some googly eyes.

7. Stamp Art
This is a great way for even the littlest of children to have fun at home. For this activity, you will just need stamps and paper to have fun creating an artistic masterpiece.

8. Zumba Dance Videos
This is one of my personal favorites because it’s a great way to release some energy for kids who have been stuck in the house. Click here to find kid-friendly dance videos that feature young children leading the dance.

9. Glue Bag Writing
In order to make the glue bag, you will need a small Ziploc bag. Then, fill it with glue and a few drops of food coloring. Seal the bag and tape the seal. Finally, use Q-tips to write or draw on the bag.

10. Make Maracas
To make maracas you need two plastic spoons, a plastic egg, some beans, and colorful tape. Start by filling the egg with beans. Next, put the plastic egg between the two spoons. Finally, wrap tape around the spoons, securing the egg in place. Shake and enjoy!

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