How to Make Stroller Outings Easier for Mama

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My kids were eager to get out of the car when we arrived at the park. I lifted my stroller out of the trunk and set it up with my diaper bag, cooler, and water bottles. As I set my toddler into the stroller, the weight made my bags crash onto the sidewalk and our lunch spilled across the concrete. If only I had an extra hand to hold everything together. I buckled my son and strapped in my daughter before cleaning up the mess. Thankfully, there is a way to make stroller outings easier for mama.

stroller mommy hook

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How to Make Stroller Outings Easier for Mama

As a mom of two toddlers, I love getting out of the house to take my kids on outings. The problem is that I find myself needing an extra hand, which is why I love using The Mommy Hook. The Mommy Hook is a lightweight, durable and versatile hook made from aluminum. This hook was designed specifically for parents of young children in mind. Known as the hands-free stroller assistant, I use The Mommy Hook in all kinds of ways to make stroller outings easier:

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1. Holding My Diaper Bag

stroller mommy hook

When I take my children on outings with the stroller, I like to have my hands free to catch my kids, get snacks, wipe noses, buckle shoes, etc. The Mommy Hook makes that easy to do because one hook can hold my diaper bag in place on my stroller handle.

2. Clipping

stroller mommy hook

When we were traveling to Florida, we got caught in the rain. Thankfully we had an extra poncho and our Mommy Hook. Because the Mommy Hook is so versatile, we were able to quickly spread the poncho over the stroller umbrellas and fasten the end with the Mommy Hook.

3. Shopping

stroller mommy hook

When I go to the mall, I always keep my Mommy Hook clipped on my stroller so that I can easily hook my shopping bags into the hook. This makes it super easy to carry many bags at once, and still be hands-free.

There are so many uses for the Mommy Hook because it’s lightweight and super strong. It’s one of my staples for stroller outings with my toddlers.

What do you use to make outings with kids easier?

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