What am I Thankful for? Simple Parenting Moments

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Inside: Sometimes it’s the most simple joys in life that are the sweetest. Read to find how one mom found thankfulness as a parent.

The other night I went to my Google Photos with the intention of pulling our Christmas photos out for our Christmas cards.  When I got in there, I decided to clean it out a bit.  One hour later I was teary-eyed and smiling after viewing all of the memories we’ve made in the 4 1/2 years since our daughter was born.  Seeing these memories in photo form made me realize, it’s the simple parenting moments that make me the most grateful.

What am I Thankful for? Simple Parenting Moments

We waited 3 years and one blissful pregnancy for our crazy little pixie.  When she finally arrived we were immediately in love.  Since then we’ve shared many great memories as a family, from big trips to special moments at home.  Some of the memories I will cherish the most though are the simplest; her little fingers and toes painted for the first time, and how excited she was, her helping her daddy water our little flower garden and her first real giggles.

More recently there was the last day she and I spent together before she embarked on her preschool journey.  The day was so perfectly carefree and full of laughter and fun, I couldn’t have planned that if I tried.

What am I Thankful for?

Recently we began a bedtime routine of curling up on my husband’s and my bed and reading our daughter her bedtime story.  Our daughter curls up in the nook of my arm and we cuddle next to my husband while he reads her chosen story.  With sleepy eyes, she points to her favorite parts or a word she recognizes.  These simple parenting moments are what I will look back on fondly, with happy tears in my eyes.

As I sat there viewing the memories from her birth to now I felt a pain in my heart, mixed with joy and love.  Only parenting can simultaneously make your heart swell with joy while also breaking just a little.  I already miss those little moments that I’ll never have with her again and I’m clinging to the ones I currently get to share with her.  The phrase, “They’re only little for a short time” doesn’t really hold meaning until you’re living it.

As a mom of one I feel this sense of longing to hold on to all of her firsts and lasts just a little bit longer because once they’re gone, I won’t experience them again.  No matter how many children you have, though, the experiences are all different and special.

The quiet cuddles and even her needing me every moment, these are the things I’ll treasure and forever be grateful for.  We’ve taken a few big trips and there have been some meticulously planned moments.  These were all very nice and will hold a special place in my heart, but the memories I will remember with the most emotion are the simple ones.

Wrapping Up: What am I Thankful for?

As a parent, I can only hope that these simple moments are what our daughter treasures and remembers when she looks back on her childhood.  As each of these memories presents themselves, I will continue to be mindful of creating and treasuring each new simple moment that appears.

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What am I Thankful for?